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一、女人没魅力才以为男子花心,男子没实力才以为女人现实!Women do not have the charm to feel that men flower heart, men do not have the strength to feel that women reality!


本文摘要:一、女人没魅力才以为男子花心,男子没实力才以为女人现实!Women do not have the charm to feel that men flower heart, men do not have the strength to feel that women reality!


一、女人没魅力才以为男子花心,男子没实力才以为女人现实!Women do not have the charm to feel that men flower heart, men do not have the strength to feel that women reality!二、如果吼叫能解决问题,驴将统治世界。这是今年看到最经典的一句话。——控制情绪,温柔说话。

If the roar could solve the problem, the donkey would rule the world. This is the most classic sentence this year. Control your emotions and speak softly.三、你是希望嫁给恋爱还是嫁给婚姻?想嫁给恋爱,你就得努力奋斗,想嫁给婚姻,你只需学会化妆。Do you want to marry love or marriage? To marry love, you have to struggle, to marry marriage, you just need to learn to make up.四、垃圾食品一般都特别好吃,衣冠禽兽看起来也是一表人才。Junk food is usually so good that it makes you look good.五、要么忍,要么残忍,做人要狠,在这肮脏的社会才气站得稳。

Either endure, or cruel, to be ruthless, in this dirty society to stand firm.六、谈恋爱还没几个月就想过一辈子,交个朋侪稍微对你好点就想来往一生,难怪你的怨气那么重、伤心那么多,这都是天真的价格。Fall in love to had thought for a lifetime before a few months, make a friend a little bit better to you want to come and go for a lifetime, parwonder your complaint is so heavy, sadness is so much, this is the price of innocence.七、为什么要努力赚钱?因为怕跟人握手,人家戴的是卡地亚,你戴的是橡皮筋。


Why try to make money? Because they're afraid to shake hands, they're wearing Cartier, you're wearing a rubber band.八、请努力改掉自己的脾气,不要以为那就是很酷,很有个性。你应该知道,谁人很致命!Please try to get rid of your temper, do not think that is very cool, very personality. You should know, that's deadly!九、雷锋少了,雷人的多了;为人民服务的少了,为人民币服务的多了;挽着奶奶过马路的少了,挽着二奶过马路的多了。

Less lei feng, more shocking; Less for the people, more for the renminbi; Holding the grandmother across the road less, holding the mistress across the road more.十、当你不够强大时,你发的一切飚,在别人看来都只是个笑话。When you are not strong enough, everything you do is just a joke to others.十一、当你又瘦又漂亮,脑子里有工具,钱包里全是自己挣的钱,别说这个月,全世界都市对你好一点。

When you are thin and beautiful, with things in your head and money in your wallet, the whole world will be nicer to you this month.十二、看清一小我私家又何须去揭穿,讨厌一小我私家又何须去翻脸。在世,总有看不惯的人,就如别人看不惯我们。See a person why to debunk, hate a person why to turn over. Living, there are always people who do not like, as others do not like us.十三、路还长,青春这碗饭吃个几年也就没了。留点本事吧,谁都市老的。

The road is still long, the youth of the bowl of rice to eat a few years also did not. Save your skill, everyone will be old.十四、记着这句话:尊严这种工具,你得有实力扞卫,否则,那就是死要体面活受罪。Remember these words: dignity is such a thing, you have to have the strength to defend, otherwise, it is to die face.十五、踏入社会的时候,该收一收你那性格了。


不要什么话都跟别人讲,你说的是心里话,他们听的是笑话。When you step into the world, it's time to take a look at your character. Don't tell everyone everything. You speak from the heart. They hear jokes.十六、不要怪别人心眼多,是你自己缺心眼。不要说别人爱炫耀,是你自己在嫉妒!Don't blame others for your lack of heart. Don't say others love to show off, you are jealous!十七、人生就像是在玩超级玛丽,在你没有吃蘑菇变大的时候,连一只小王八都能秒杀你。

Life is like playing super Mario, even a little bastard can kill you before you eat mushrooms to get bigger.十八、你可以爱错三五小我私家渣,但不能爱一小我私家渣三五次,走错路可能是运气欠好,但总往一个坑里跳就是活该。You can love three wrong scum, but can not love a scum three or five times, the wrong way may be bad luck, but always jump into a pit is deserved.十九、现实就像一张信用卡,可以透支你的未来,但不得不面临眼前的账单。Reality is like a credit card, you can overdraw your future, but you have to face the bills.二十、彪悍的人生,不需要解释。只要你定时到达目的地,很少有人在乎你开的是疾驰还是拖拉机。

Tough life, no need to explain. As long as you arrive on time, few people will care if you drive a Mercedes or a tractor.二十一、你有钱,周围全是笑脸。你有权,耳边全是甜言。你没钱,个个儿把你疏远。


You have money and all the smiling faces. You have the right, ear is full of sweet words. You don't have any money. It's alienating you.二十二、不要随便遇到一小我私家就对她掏心掏肺的,在你看来,她是朋侪,在她看来,你是傻子。Don't open your heart to anyone you meet. In your eyes, she is a friend. In her eyes, you are a fool.二十三、拿你有的,换你要的。这个世界一直如此,很残酷,却公正。

Take what you have and give what you want. The world has always been like this, very cruel, but fair.二十四、人生看不惯的工具太多,看清、看懂,全是自找伤心。凡事太认真,苦了心,累了自己。Life can not be used to too many things, see, understand, is all self-sorrow. Everything is too serious, bitter heart, tired.二十五、虚荣心这种工具,你得有实力买单。

否则,那就是死要体面活受罪。Vanity is the kind of thing you have to pay for. Otherwise, it is to die to save face.二十六、快乐分享错了人,就成了显摆;惆怅分享错了人,就成了矫情,甚至一个笑话。Happy to share the wrong people, it became a show off; Sad to share the wrong person, will become a melodramatic, or even a joke.二十七、没有人会体贴你支付过几多努力,撑得累不累,摔得痛不痛,他们只会看你最后站在什么位置,然后羡慕或鄙夷。

No one will care about you how much effort, support tired not tired, fell to the pain is not painful, they will only see you finally stand in what position, and then envy or disdain.。